Five Repairs to Get Before Fall

Vehicle maintenance is an ongoing process. With each new season comes a new list of auto repairs your car needs to make it through the weather. Kwik Lube is here to help vehicle owners in Ogden, Utah year round. Visit our shop soon to handle these auto repairs before fall season!

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system has spent a whole summer working hard, and with temperatures dropping you may not plan to use it for months to come. Now is a good time to service it to ensure problems don’t fester through the winter. Vehicle AC systems are susceptible to mold growth, which can be easily prevented with a quick visit to the professionals.

Tire Check

Fall and winter in Ogden, Utah brings new weather challenges. Make sure your vehicle’s tires are up to the challenge with ideal tread and traction. Your car needs good tires to travel safely. Check your tires to ensure they aren’t balding, low on air pressure, or damaged.

Dashboard Warning Lights

If your vehicle has any warning lights on the dashboard, you should get professional repairs to fix them as soon as possible. Your car works hard in cooler weather and any problems will place excess strain on it, causing further damage. Fix check engine lights, oil pressure warning lights, and any other notifications to ensure your car is running its best.

Brake Repair

Brakes weren’t designed to last forever. When they wear out, your vehicle is susceptible to an accident if the brakes fail completely. Restore optimal brake performance and protect your vehicle from possible accidents with routine professional brake repair. This fall could be the right time to change your brakes!

Oil Change

Every few thousand miles, cars need oil changes. If you’ve made it through the summer without this essential service, this season’s maintenance appointment will be the time to get it done. Swap out old, dirty oil to keep your engine clean and protected.

This list of auto repairs and maintenance items from Kwik Lube is your start to this season’s vehicle care items. For suggestions on your car’s specific needs, visit our shop in Ogden, Utah! Our technicians can tell you exactly what your car needs this fall.

Finding a Professional Auto Care Provider

What to Look For

Kwik Lube understands how hard it is to find experienced automotive professionals to work on your car when it needs repairs. After all, our team came together to solve that very problem in our community! While we are confident that we can help drivers in Ogden, Utah with their automotive needs, we know that it takes effort to earn their trust and business. Here are the steps our team has taken to ensure we are up to the task of handling auto repairs in our area. If you are looking for an auto repair team outside of our community, be sure to look for these same features!

ASE Certified Technicians

When your car needs repairs, you want to take it to someone who knows what they’re doing. Certifications in the automotive industry are a good way for vehicle owners to identify which mechanics have demonstrated and proven their skills and competency to perform professional auto repairs. The Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification is one to look for in your auto care provider! This shows that the individual has undergone training and testing on specific skills needed in the industry.

High-Quality Equipment

Any shop that strives to provide high-quality repairs will invest in its employees’ training and their equipment. Using the latest diagnostic equipment and advanced computers improves the accuracy and speed of their services. When drivers come in for service, they can use automated computer programs, such as a drive-on wheel alignment rack, that does the small calculations for the technicians with great accuracy.

Another piece of the puzzle is finding a shop that uses high-quality parts. You don’t want your repair to fail shortly after visiting the auto shop due to faulty components. That’s why you need to find someone that prioritizes high-quality parts from original manufacturers or trusted aftermarket fabricators.

Look For Us!

Finding an auto repair provider can be tricky, with so many businesses practicing less than ideal habits and taking advantage of their customers. Find a shop like Kwik Lube in Ogden, Utah that meets the basics for a high-quality auto shop!

Signs It’s Time to Visit Your Auto Repair Shop

Your vehicle is an important investment. That’s why you choose Ogden’s professional automotive repair team to take care of it! But sometimes, it can be hard to tell when you need to make a visit to our shop. How can you be sure if your vehicle needs service? Follow these tips!

Stick To a Maintenance Schedule

When you follow a regular maintenance schedule, you always know when your next visit to the auto shop will be! The average driver needs maintenance every 3-6 months for oil changes. If you stick to this schedule, you always know your vehicle will be seen by a professional technician frequently. Any problems that pop up in between visits will be addressed at your next appointment. Most importantly, regular maintenance helps you avoid major auto repairs by taking care of the little things as they pop up.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

If you have an ideal maintenance schedule for your vehicle, you’ve probably already read the owner’s manual. It’s a great resource for all the information you need to take care of your car. Your manufacturer includes information to help you prepare for auto repairs over the course of your vehicle’s lifespan. They may give an estimated timeline for services like timing belt replacement or brake repair.

Watch Out for the Check Engine Light

Your vehicle manufacturers wanted to make it easy to tell when your vehicle needs professional attention, so you know when to head to the shop for repairs. The check engine light is part of their integrated computer system that detects malfunctions or decreased performance. If it’s on, it means your vehicle has detected a problem and needs repair!

Don’t Ignore Changes

If you notice any changes in your vehicle’s performance, don’t ignore them! Changes like decreased fuel efficiency, strange sounds, or low power mean something is wrong with your vehicle. Ignoring problems won’t fix anything and it could cause further damages. Be sure to get repairs as soon as possible!

Play It Safe

If you have a suspicion that your vehicle needs auto repairs, play it safe! Visiting an auto repair shop like Kwik Lube in Ogden, Utah could save you stress and money on major repairs later on!