Transmission Maintenance Service

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Transmission Repair Service in Ogden, UT

Automatic & Manual Transmission Service--Kwik Lube

Routine Transmission Maintenance Care

It’s hard to enjoy your driving experience when transmission problems start rearing their ugly head. Your vehicle is supposed to be accelerating and decelerating smoothly. Most drivers realize how difficult a transmission repair can be. It’s the most difficult engine component to repair, replace, or rebuild. We discourage do-it-yourselfers from attempting to perform transmission maintenance services for their vehicle. Kwik Lube in Ogden, UT has a team of highly qualified technicians that know how to maintain your automatic or manual transmission system. As soon as your vehicle requires a flush or fluid maintenance service, bring your vehicle to Kwik Lube. We use the industry’s most advanced tools and service techniques to ensure that your automobile is well cared for.

Automotive Service You Can Trust

Before you reach the need for an expensive transmission service, make sure your maintenance needs are kept up to date with Kwik Lube. Because of our expertise in ongoing and routine vehicle maintenance needs, we’ll have you in and out in no time for your required service. The team at Kwik Lube is able to provide all of the services — transmission flushes, filter replacements, fluid service — that help prevent performance issues. Our professional technicians are experienced and well-trained in all aspects of transmission maintenance. We want to save you time and money when you come to Kwik Lube. Get all of your automotive questions and concerns answered by our specialists and have your vehicle leave our shop in better condition than it arrived.

What is a Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush is very similar to what you’d get with an oil change, but it requires little extra work. A technician will remove all of the transmission fluid from the transmission system. Afterwards, grime and dirt are pushed out using a special machine and the system is replaced with fresh, clean fluid. This process helps remove sludge from your equipment, that may have accumulated over time and keeps the internal components properly lubricated. It’s important that when you’re looking for a transmission flush, you leave it to the professionals at Kwik Lube in Ogden, Utah. Our service professionals have the tools and technical know-how to properly flush your system. When you visit us, know that your vehicle is in the hands of professionals!

Transmission Fluid Change vs. Flush: What’s the Difference?

Though the end goal is similar, flushing and changing transmission fluid are actually two different things. When flushing a transmission system, our technicians will utilize a specialized machine to remove the old fluid. This machine helps to extract the used fluid (also known as ATF) from other components like the cooler lines and torque converter. Once the old fluid is extracted, new fluid will be put in its place. The fluid is drained using gravity through the transmission pan drain plug. This method does not always fully drain all of the fluid from your components. Though a flush will provide your parts with a more complete cleaning, both services are paramount to the longevity, efficiency, and overall performance of your automatic transmission. Our friendly and knowledgeable service advisors will determine which method works best for your vehicle based on its age, mileage, and the type of driving you do.

Get Your Automotive Maintenance Service Today!

Take care of your vehicle’s transmission by trusting it with the service experts at Kwik Lube. You’ll know what’s happening under the hood because you can trust our expert knowledge and experience. A transmission repair, valve body replacement, or rebuild may eventually be necessary in your vehicle’s lifetime, but by trusting us with your ongoing maintenance needs, you can delay these costly and complex repairs! When you come to Kwik Lube, our staff is focused on getting you safely back on the road. Kwik Lube is your full service, local neighborhood transmission shop and repair center. Give us a call today at 801-621-1703 to chat with us! Next time you’re in the area–369 2nd Street–feel free to stop by for your auto repair service!