Cleaning the Air: Benefits of Emissions Testing

Why Emissions Tests Matter

You may not have a choice whether or not you have your vehicle’s emissions tested, after all it is state law, but there are many benefits to regular testing. We should all be doing our part to ensure we contribute the least amount of pollution into the world each day. At Kwik Lube in Ogden, Utah, we are a certified emissions inspection location and can perform inspections on both diesel and gasoline vehicles. Apart from being required by law, you should know that emissions testing also benefits you as a driver and can ensure a long life for your vehicle.

Passenger Safety

Emissions from your vehicle aren’t released solely through the tailpipe, some can make it into the cabin of your vehicle. During a standard emissions test, our technicians check the seals along the entirety of the system to ensure there aren’t any leaks that could mean dangerous gases are entering the passenger space of your vehicle. Performing regular tests, as required by state law, gives our technicians the opportunity to identify any leaks before they cause harmful damage.

Early Warning Signs

Increased emissions from your vehicle could be a sign of a developing maintenance issue. At Kwik Lube, our technicians are trained to detect emissions, yes, but also to determine where they came from. During a standard inspection, we can identify any potential problem areas and bring them to your attention with a preventative maintenance plan to ensure they do not develop into more costly repairs.

At Kwik Lube, we aim to keep your vehicle up to not only Utah state standards, but our own standards as well. Emissions testing should be part of an ongoing preventative maintenance plans that includes oil changes, tire rotation, and brake health checks. For added convenience, we are also an authorized On-The-Spot (OTS) Renewal Station, which means we can renew your vehicle’s registration once it passes the inspection.

Take a minute to check out our Specials page for current deals on Safety and Emissions Testing and other preventative maintenance such as tire rotation, oil changes, and wheel alignments. If you have any questions about your vehicle’s emissions testing schedule, call to speak with one of our trained technicians today: 801-621-1703.

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