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Why Tire Rotation is Crucial to Keeping your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Tire advancements are not the most talked about technology in the automotive world. At Kwik Lube, Inc., we want our customers to know just how important tires are to overall vehicle performance. When purchasing your vehicle, maybe you prioritized fuel efficiency, engine power, or safety. Well, in reality, all three of those vehicle qualities are directly affected by your tire quality.

Fuel Efficiency

We don’t have the best roads in Ogden, Utah. They’re pocked from harsh winters and cracked from dry summers. As a result, you can actually feel the road’s imperfections and how they prevent you from having a smooth ride. To combat this, the tread on your tires should provide solid contact with the road and cushion your ride.

Engine Power

Whether you are talking about acceleration and speed or torque and towing capacity, tires also affect these areas of performance. The condition of the tread on your tires directly affects your contact with the road. If your treads are worn in areas or are nearly bald, they will not be able to gain traction on the road, causing your engine to expend more energy to get moving.


The better the contact, the more easily you will be able to accelerate and brake when needed, especially in emergency situations. if you are driving at a steady pace down I-15, your tires and their contact with the road are the only thing that can bring you to a safe stop in an emergency. Having pronounced tread on your tires means that your vehicle will be able to stop quickly by gripping the road.

Tire condition really should be a top priority for any type of driver. The cost-saving driving will enjoy greater fuel efficiency. The power-hungry driver will have more powerful acceleration and towing capacity. The conscientious driver will experience better control over their vehicle. At Kwik Lube, Inc., we believe regular tire rotation ensures even wear on your tire treads, a long life for each tire, and a smooth, powerful, fuel-efficient ride for you and your passengers. Our highly trained technicians are available to discuss tire rotation as part of your ongoing preventative maintenance plan for your vehicle. Call for an appointment today: 801-621-1703.

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