The Three Types of Transmissions

Which One Is Right For You

A transmission is a vital part of an automobile designed to transfer power from the engine to the axles. This action leads to the movement of the car’s wheels, which then allows your vehicle to be driven. To understand which type of transmission you want and what type of transmission repair it might require in the future, you need to learn about the three main types and how they differ.

1. Continuously Variable Transmission

Also known as a CVT or shiftless transmission, this is a special version of the automatic transmission that utilizes a belt-driven design. It is designed to effortlessly change through a constant range of gear ratios that are the most effective for your current needs, offering around 88 percent efficiency. A CVT has a lower production cost than a manual transmission, which can be beneficial in many cases.

2. Manual Transmission

The most basic and original type of transmission is the manual variant. Many know of it as a stick shift or standard transmission. A driver must operate a manual clutch, typically through a hand lever or foot pedal, to transfer power while driving. While these clutches can be challenging to
maneuver for those used to an automatic system, many drivers find them simpler to use once they learn how to operate them. They are also long-lasting with the fantastic fuel economy; they even tend to make a vehicle more affordable.

3. Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission is the most popular type in modern vehicles and is typically the easiest to use. It changes gear ratios automatically while the car is moving, so drivers do not have to worry about power transfer or learn to switch gears. Automatic transmissions are especially useful when traveling at lower speeds, as they make it simpler to control a vehicle that would otherwise attempt to move in low speed or idle states. They are more mechanically complex, which means that there is a higher chance for damage to occur at some point.

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