Timely Transfusions: Why You Need to Keep Up With Your Oil Changes

Why Oil Changes are Important

The reason auto technicians refer to your car’s oil as its life blood is because it is a very fitting comparison! Your vehicle’s engine only performs as smoothly as the quality of the oil in its system. Regular oil changes ensure your engine stays free of impurities and dirt that build up over time, which is why they are an essential part of any vehicle’s preventative maintenance plan. Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate poor oil health and let you know when it’s time to consult with the professionals at Kwik Lube in Ogden, Utah for your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance:


Good oil health allows your engine to run smoothly and prevents friction in all of its moving parts. As your oil health deteriorates, your engine has to work harder against the growing friction and that causes it to heat up more quickly. The smell of heated metal and oil can sometimes make it into the passenger space, telling you it’s time to have an oil change.


Your vehicle makes plenty of noises, but because you know it so well, you’ll be able to distinguish when those sounds change or increase. With poor oil health, your engine has to work harder and will inevitably begin complaining of the extra work. Listen to your vehicle for any chnanges and relate them to our ASE certified technicians so they can better understand your vehicle’s health.


An obviously concerning sign of a problem would be smoke from your engine or in the passenger space of your vehicle. If your oil health has gotten particuarly bad, it will be offering almost no protection for the engine and its moving parts. Smoke and heat mean these parts are not being protected and your oil needs to be changed to get your vehicle back to peak performance.

If you experience any combination of these three signs in your vehicle, you should take a moment to check the oil dip stick to get a visual on the quality of the oil. New, effiecient oil should run smoothly off the dip stick and have a golden honey color. If your oil is the reason behind your vehicle’s malfunctions, it will most likely be darker, thicker, and perhaps even have visible impurities.

Any combination of the above symptoms in your car means it is time to bring it to our technicians at Kwik Lube. Check our Specials page for discounts on oil changes and other essential preventative maintenance services such as safety and emissions tests, tire rotations, and wheel alignments. Call for an appointment today 801-621-1703, or stop by our convenient location, just 5 minutes off of I-15.

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