Diesel Emissions Testing

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Diesel Emissions Testing in Ogden, UT

Weber County’s Premier Emissions Testing Center -- Kwik Lube

Safe For The Road & Environment

The Utah DMV requires most vehicles — diesel and gasoline — to go through an emissions test. This test looks to see if your vehicle meets emission standards set by the state. Not all vehicles need the tests as often as others and requirements are used to mitigate pollution in our state. If your diesel vehicle is in need of its next emissions test, make sure to visit Kwik Lube in Ogden, Utah. Our automotive team will perform the tests needed to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road and the environment. Since we are an authorized On-The-Spot (OTS) Renewal Station, we’ll also renew your vehicle’s registration if you pass so you can save time and money. We make sure your vehicle is safe and legal for the road!

Preparing For The Test

Regardless of what fuel your vehicle utilizes — diesel or gasoline — the best way to pass the emissions test is by taking a proactive approach. How can you be proactive? Well, the best way to do so is to make sure your vehicle is regularly serviced by our automotive team. By doing so, you allow our technicians to inspect key components that are responsible for you passing or failing the test, such as the exhaust system and the check engine light. When it comes to diesel-fueled vehicles, it’s crucial that the exhaust system is properly functioning, as these vehicles typically release emissions that are more harmful to people and the environment. By visiting us for repairs and maintenance before your test, you’re putting your vehicle in the best position to pass!

Schedule Your Test Today!

Is your diesel vehicle in need of its next emissions test? If so, make sure you schedule it with Kwik Lube — Ogden, Utah’s premier emissions testing center! Our OTS Renewal Station will perform all the necessary tests required for your vehicle to ensure it is safe for the environment. After you pass, we’ll quickly renew your vehicle’s registration so you can get back on the road! If you fail, we’ll perform the necessary repairs needed so you can pass the next time! Give us a call at 801-621-1703 to schedule your next emissions test! In the area and want to stop by? We happily accept all walk-in customers, so visit our facility — 369 2nd Street — with any questions and concerns you may have!