Differential Service

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Differential Service in Ogden, UT

Do You Need Differential Service?

What is the Differential?

The first step to deciding when it is time for differential service is understanding what the differential does. Kwik Lube in Ogden, UT has the answer! The differential is a gearbox positioned between the drive wheels on the vehicle. Depending on what kind of vehicle you own, you may have one or two differentials on the front wheels or on both the front and rear. The differential works in conjunction with the transmission to transfer power from the engine to the wheels and allows each wheel to spin independently at a different speed than the others. The differential is what makes turning so smooth! When you make a turn, one wheel travels less distance and therefore must rotate less than the other. The differential enables this to happen so that the vehicle doesn’t bump unsteadily in corners.

Differential Service

Because the differential works with the transmission in power delivery from the engine to the wheels, it takes on a lot of power and torque. That means it needs regular service to keep every component clean and healthy. Fluid lubricates inside of the differential to protect the series of gears from intense heat, friction and contamination, but inevitably it will break down over time. Fluid changes prevent grinding gears and performance problems in your vehicle. Differential oil changes are often overlooked on trucks, SUVs and vans because the differential is located at the rear of the vehicle, not at the front where technicians typically focus on the heart of things, the engine. At Kwik Lube in Ogden, UT, our technicians perform fast and accurate service for your differential. No matter what make or model you drive, we have the tools and experience to identify worn out gears and contaminated fluid. We don’t overlook the details and we ensure complete satisfaction with your differential service.

Come By For Your Differential Service

Who doesn’t want a vehicle that handles smoothly and is easy to control? The differential plays an important role in optimal vehicle handling. The series of gears inside enable wheels on either side to rotate at unique speeds, which is what makes a vehicle easy to control and turn. Metal-on-metal grinding doesn’t sound great, and it certainly isn’t for the health of your differential. If fluid breaks down and gears begin to grind, your vehicle won’t travel for much longer. If you want to protect your vehicle’s value and performance, the answer is simple. Get your differential service at Kwik Lube today! We are Ogden’s number one team for specialty service and we are dedicated to improving our customers’ driving experience. Let us take a look under the hood – we can check for worn out parts and replace fluid to provide the protection your differential needs. Call us today at 801-621-1703 to ask about this service now. We look forward to serving you!